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Built this as I couldn't sell it. Nice kit but not quite as nice as the Spitfires IMHO


This aircraft was flown by Uffz. Hans Döbrich, 6./JG 5, Petsamo, Finland, September 2, 1942. More details/photos at my blog















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Stunning job on the model and the base!

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That is a REALLY nice 109....I have so many of them to build as I just love the varied schemes and this is very inspirational


well done super finish just the way I like to see models made



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Bf 109:s are a dime a dozen per se, but models of this amazing quality definitely aren't.


She looks just 'right', ready to fly off. Impressive.


Kind regards,



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Just wow - what a great Friedrich - easily one of the best Messerschmitts I have seen lately. Congrats.




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