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Victor B.1 intakes


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I got me a 1/96 Frog Victor B.1 recently (another interesting story which has got to do with a rumour of a sunken ship, a not-so-amused wife and myself getting moored by her next to that wreck in the cold and fathomless depths of the Pacific... :fish: :worry:  :fish:).

Anyway, as the intakes of that beauty were non-existent, they had to be scratch-built. So I was wondering how the intakes on the Victor B.1 might look like. :hmmm:

I know that there a a lot of pictures of the Victor B.2 (including their intakes) around, mainly due to the 1/72 Airfix one.

Can I assume that the intakes differ a lot from the Conway-powered B.2? My

 Google-fu let me down so far.

Perhaps the one or other member can point me to the right direction. Any help would be gladly appreciated.

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Ah, thanks for the input. The intake splitters (is that the right word?) appear to be much farther inside the wing. Were there actually 3 of them inside a B.1 intake? And how far do they extend to the inside ?

The drawings in the other thread didn't seem to show it... :hmmm:

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There's a "wall" between the intake tunnels but no splitter plates within each of the tunnels.  The "wall" separated the air stream for each engine and its continuation aft between the engines provided a firewall each engine being in its own zone.  The splitter plates were introduced progressively on the Mk. 2 to cater for the more fussy Conway.

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