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That's a nice tidy looking kit, excellently painted. Does the Photo Etch come with the kit or is that an 'extra'?




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Great job on another superb looking Miniart kit Sir .

I really like the colour modulation you included , an overall great build


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So do we assume from this that the T-54B kit will soon finally be with us?  I think it safe to say it's eagerly awaited.  The 2 current releases of the 54-1 and -2 are of limited use, although I have seen suggestions that Syria might have received some 54-2's in a bunch of 2nd hand Russian T-54's delivered after their 1973 drubbing.


Hopefully that means their Tiran 4 won't be far behind either, although there have already been questions about the accuracy of its configuration as depicted on the box art - although it's the same at Takom's.  Both MiniArt and Takom seem to have chosen an SLA-only T4 version, but I believe the only difference is the retention of the 100mm D-10 gun instead of the 105mm M68.

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