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Zombicide #1 Boardgame completely painted. - Picture heavy!

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My Zombicide #1. Lots of pictures ahead! Those I started in november 2015. I was done September 2016.

For those not knowing: Zombicide is a Boardgame series by Coolminiornot. Famous for their excessive Kickstarter stuff. This game got me back into painting miniatures and ultimately model building. This is what I wrote back when I started:


I came back to painting when my girlfriend gave me zombicide as a present. She should have known better since she knew my past...
Well, I bought ultimate survivors #2 and gave it a shot. These are the third and fourth miniature painted since I picked up my brushes again.
Consider them being tabletop standard. As you see I am a bit rusted, but they are perfect for gaming. This is what I aimed for. Painting time maybe around 2 to 3 hours per miniature which I consider being alright for the heroes of the game. I won't be able to spend that much time on the zombies.

Wanda and Josh are nearly done. Wandas face was a complete pouring mess, no real structure to paint there. I thought of hiding it with some blood splattered on from the chainsaw. Well, did not work out to well - I splattered on a big blob and had to undo the mess somehow but decided to leave it as is. Does not really matter when playing.


Those are the survivors:





Last a groupshot from the players perspective. I think this rocks. So much better than unpainted minis!


I feel my painting style matches the games artwork pretty well. Hope you like it, too. Next post is about all the Zombies.

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All Zombies sorted by model. There's eight of every pose in the game box. Takes a bit of effort to make them all look different. Hope you like it!




Heroes and Abomination:

On the board:

Every Zombie in the game messing up my survivors (BIG, only linked)




Those are finished, but you are very welcome to comment and criticize. Season #2 is in the work, but delayed by other games. If you'd like to see more boardgame miniatures, let me know. When my time allows I'll be working on The others: 7 sins, Zombicide #2, Sword & Sorcery (to land in May) and Kingdom Death: Monster (to land later this year). I don't do much miniature painting anymore besides those gaming miniatures, but I think they are up to a standard that is ok to post here. If you think this is not the right forum, drop me a line.

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Thank you, Dave.


Mark, I stumbled over your profile picture before and meant to drop you a line. Ned is also a favourite of mine. Too bad I didn't get Zombicide on the table since it's painted completely. Soon...

Funny you mention Climbing as interest. I spent quite a lot of time climbing before I had an accident. Traffic, not climbing. Since then I've been without a regular partner and lost lots of motivation. But I want to get back to a least bouldering in the next month when I'm through with studying.

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Since the kids came along nearly three years ago I haven't had time to climb or mountain bike unfortunately. :wonder: 

Luckily I get a bit of time to model still. 

Hopefully I can get back into it all as they get older and I get some time back.

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I envy your determination and your skill, I've got a dozen figures to paint and I keep putting it off. I was thinking the same as Beefy, posing the same figures together make them look like they are doing a choreographed dance routine, which makes them look significantly less threatening.

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Thank you, guys!


Trust me, they are threatening when the hoard is coming to get you. I'll get some in-game pictures the next time we play. I am no MJ guy, never understood the hype. Never saw the thriller video clip. But sure enough I got the very same comment when I posted those pictures over at the CMON forum.


Regarding skill and time: The zombies are quite simple and fast to paint. I estimate a total working time between 20 and 30 minutes per zombie. Including dipping, varnishing and rebasing. The survivors were painted the "classic way", which of course is way more time consuming.


The workflow was as follows:

All miniatures of the game got cleaned in one huge batch. After drying a few light buffs with light grey primer (Army Painter), just enough to give the surface some grip, not even close to opaque. I then batch-painted them in groups of identical miniatures - that's always eight of them. This allows to see them side by side and helps with painting them all different. It was roughly one evening per group, mostly done at a regular painting session we've got around here.

Procedure is as follows: Just basecoating with vallejo acrylics. No highlights, no shadows. Simple plain colours. Small mishaps stay uncorrected. There's enough blood later to hide most oops moments.

Let dry for 24 hours.

Literally dipping (Army Painter Strong tone). Taking away the excess of stain with a clean brush. This allows to control the light and shadows quite nicely and avoids heavy pooling.

Let dry for 48 hours.

Picking details if necessary. Most times there's nothing to pick on the zombies.

Let dry for 24 hours.

Army Painter Ultra Matte Varnish in several ultra thin layers. Takes away the shine of the stain perfectly.

Picking shiny details if necessary.

BLOOOD! I used Games Workshops blood effect paint. Works well for zombies. Used to hide moldlines, mishaps. Also applied to taste.

Let dry...

Cut off the bases and glue onto clear ones.


This is for sure good enough for gaming miniatures but far from showroom stuff. After all - anything with colour on it looks better on the table then a blank plastic miniature.

I'd say go for it! Quite rewarding to paint in such an effective way. Comes close to cheating, I think.


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Zombies aren't my cup of tea, but you've done a cracking job on the finish and all those variations :goodjob:.  Interestingly, what scale are they ?



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Must be great to play with a fully painted set like that! I'm really impressed you got the time down to half an hour per figure on the zombies.


Survivor colours are really vibrant too :)



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Speedpainting is something I couldn't do before I left the brushes. Since my break I am much less interested in perfection. This is the only way to get through so many miniatures in those rare painting sessions.


Glad you like 'em.

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