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Focke Wulf 190A8, Gunther Migge's White 9

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This is my take on Revell's FW190A8/R11 kit. Overall I'd have to say not too bad quality wise, although I put a fair bit of aftermarket into it, for such a small kit. I fitted a Rob-Taurus vac canopy, Aber machine gun and cannon barrels, and replaced the kits well oversized FuG antenna with some beautifully turned peices from Master. Painted with Vallejo Model Air (first use, and very impressed I was as well, my reliance on Tamiya may be coming to an end) and given a very light panel line wash. The decals are standard Revell, apart from the swastikas which I took from the ExtraDecal sheet.


So here she is, hope you like 'er. :thumbsup2:











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Very nice work, particularly on those antenna. 

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Very nice model Oddball! She looks stunning, the after market stuff makes it look really good.  One day I'll get around to finishing the one (ten really) that I've got in my stash. ;)


  Kind Regards,



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Very neat build, I'm sold on Vallejo ModelAir as well, sprays perfectly every time. Their matt varnish is particularly good, haven't tried their gloss yet. No idea if they get the colours correct but I'm not that fussy.




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