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Academy P-40e Warhawk. 1/72 - Faceless Tiger

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This is taken from a picture that I saw online. The plane wasn't in this scenario though. This plane No 25 is one of the flying Tigers but had obviously been thrown together as there is no tiger marking on the front. I assume it had been repaired and they never applied the Tigers head to the panels. Note the later red outlined markings.
















I am struggling a bit with Flickr and losing my rag with it. 


Were can I post a train - If I can. I just though Id try one?







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Nice build, there is a section dedicated to trains locos and layouts in the modelling section of the site. There have been a few 1/35 trains built in the armour section to, I built a 1/35 BR 86 and really enjoyed building it.

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Very nicely built and painted model and the dio suits it very well.

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That is a nicely made model and base dio!

Something that stands out is the national markings which seem too bright for some reason, but that might be an artifact of photography and not the model itself.

Really like this!!



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