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Robert`s Hasegawa 1/72 F-111C RAAF


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Hello this will be my entry for the STGB



Now not sure whether to go for the 25th or 30th anniversary jet, I am heading towards the 30th one. The only problem might be using the decals for it. They are from Hawkeye Models. On the instructions it says there is no clear varnish on them, which they appear to be, so therefore do I coat them with Microscale liquid decal film before I remove them from the sheet ? Any help appreciated.



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Looking forward to your build Robert, whichever scheme you opt for.


7 hours ago, Robert said:

On the instructions it says there is no clear varnish on them, which they appear to be, so therefore do I coat them with Microscale liquid decal film before I remove them from the sheet? Any help appreciated.


Can't give a definitive answer, but it sounds prudent to give them a coat (or two) of the liquid decal film first. You might consider contacting Peter at Hawkeye for some first-hand guidance...


Good luck with your build.



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Welcome aboard Robert, and what a fine model you've chosen to build!!!! :D


I don't know much about the decals you've mentioned, but I agree it would be better to play it safe and give them a light coat of something to help protect them.


Good luck with the build, you know I'll be following this one with interest....no pressure!! :winkgrin:

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Thanks for the info guys. I will therefore be using the Hawkeye decals for the 30th Anniversary scheme. If it goes wrong then I will go for the 25th scheme.



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I have made a start after finishing another kit (F-102) from the Shelf of Doom. Any way back to this project. I have not found many photos of this aircraft but the one I did find showed that it had the Pave Tack pod underneath the bomb bay and carrying SUU-20 which is how mine is hopefully going to look like. On with the photos.


Started with the cockpit and front undercarriage bay. The fundercarriage bay comes in twohalves with a seam down the middle which I covered over with some plasticard.



As there is a lot of white I started to spray the main undercarriage bay and the structure for holding the main wheels. Looking at photos the undercarriage bay looks well worn so I dirtied it up with some dark wash.









I also painted the fin white ti prepare it for the decal later



The wheel bay is a sloppy fit so I glued in the intake trunking and compressor faces in then squared up the wheel bay and squeezed it into place.





Next I fitted the cockpit into place and painted up the kit seats





Lastly I painted up the SUU-20s which still need a rub down



I have photo copied the decal sheet as a backup incase anything goes wrong with the application of the decals and to mark out the fin what parts need to be painted blue. Next time I hope to have the 2 parts of the fuselage together and a start in the exhausts. Oh if anyone needs some F-111 fuel tanks and BRUs PM me and I will send them (UK only unless you are willing to pay for the overseas postage)

Thanks for looking.





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Hello next installment.


I have completed the forward fuselage, masked the canopy and stuck it on





As the wings are going to be swept back I have constructed the moving parts forward of the wing to fuselage join. It needs some filler and plasticard as I wanted the leading edges to be kept straight as possible.





I also completed the undercarriage unit, pushed the wheels on and and tested the fit into the undercarriage bay.





I tackled the exhaust next. Painted the insides Tamiya's NATO black then used Tamiya's Orange Rust weathering powder inside.



The other parts was sprayed with various Vallejo Metal Color with the insides treated as above, then test fitted into the rear fuselage. May have to darken it a tad, looks too clean.







Next will be the wings and joining the front fuselage to the rear part and the intakes.


Thanks for looking.





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Apologies, but I will be unable to complete this in time as family/life/decals has caused delays. I will show what I have completed.


First up I joined the fuselage top and bottom half together and the forward fuselage then realised I had not cut away the part for sweeping the wings back. Also a bit of Mr Surfacer to clean up the joins.



Thankfully I had a second one so could see where to follow.





And the outcome.



Pave Tack pod added and the intake shrouds



Overall view of the fuselage.



Now the tail fin. First painted white and one side of the decal added. As you can see the decal is oversize so I placed it the best I could. I did the other side but was not happy with it at the join at the top. Therefore I removed it and been trying to print a new one but with not much success. I am now on my 5th attempt at doing this and have learnt by my mistakes.





I am determined to finish this so hopefully it appear in RFI soon.





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Nice work on the fin. You have also just showed me something. I have built a few f-111s with their wings folded, including one in this GB and I have never noticed that there is a sort of guide for cutting the slot for the wings already in the fuselage. I have always glued that fuselage halves together and then made an educated guess as to where the slot is with taking slim shavings off the fuselage and then placing the wing into the fuselage and seing what the relationship is with the tail plane. I will look for this when I next build an F-111 with the wings folded. I wish you good luck with the continuation of this build.

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she's coming along nicely Robert, don't worry too much about being delayed, it seems to be a common thing in this GB!


You look to have done a nice job on that tail decal, that can't have been fun at all!


Look forward to seeing her finished.

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That is the tail decal from the decal set as you can see it is bigger all round. Hopefully will have a way of completing it.



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With this extra week I might finish it in time. Still struggling with the fin decal but getting there.



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