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I had fairly low expectations of this one (purchased boxless for a few pounds in a dirty bag of bits), but it seems to have scrubbed up reasonably well.  It's the Airfix F.3, in its gift set form, with nice, but simplified/incomplete decals (no stencils) decals. 





It is a very simple kit (my memory may be playing tricks, but I think the old Matchbox kit actually had more detail). A couple of pilots fill the gaping blank canvas that is the cockpit.  Horizontal fuselage splits are one of my pet hates (never yet had a kit with this "design feature" that actually had acceptable fit) and this one was definitely no exception.  Lots of filler (Tippex) needed here.  Otherwise fit wasn't too bad.  Stopping the tailplanes from wobbling is a little challenging, but otherwise it goes together OK. The main decals (those supplied with the kit) are not bad - I sourced some ex-Matchbox ones off e-bay for the rest. I also replaced the nose pitot with something more robust. Paint is Humbrol enamel, applied by brush as normal, with light pencil lead highlighting and an acrylic matt/satin topcoat as required.






And after a little photoshopping fun...




FredT :)


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That really is an impressive finish to your model, especially from the humble beginnings that you mentioned.  Excellent job.



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