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Italeri 1/48 Westland Lysander MkII - NoII(AC) & No.268 Squadrons RAF Late 1940

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This is the old Testors Westland Lysander Mk.II from the Italeri reboxing, which I picked up second hand some years back.  It includes the addition of the Eduard photo-etch interior and a some scratch building for adding some detail missing from the relatively basic kit.  It was a build to fill a gap in my collection and was built around July to September last year (well before Hendie went on his epic and magnificent build of the same kit),  Decals are based off the Xtradecal sheet for the centenary of No.II(AC) Squadron which included Lysander KO-O, modified to represent KO-Q.  Paints are a mix of WEM and Humbrol enamels.


Lysander Mk.II N1217 KO-Q was on strength with No.II(AC) Squadron in the latter half of 1940, following their return from the Battle of France.  In that timeframe it was the aircraft regularly flown by P/O Wilfred Shearman with his usual gunner/observer Sgt Shaw.  On 24 October 1940, this aircraft and its crew from 'A' Flight No.II(AC) Sqdn were transferred to the newly reformed No.268 Squadron, then based at Westley near Bury St Edmunds.  P/O Shearman, Sgt Shaw and N1217 KO-Q would remain on the strength of No.268 Sqdn, P/O Shearman until posted out in late 1940 and N1217 until it was lost in a crash in February 1941.  During its first few weeks with No.268 Sqdn, N1217 continued to operate with its 'old' No.II(AC) Sqdn codes, until it was repainted with the No.268 Sqdn 'NM' identification codes.
















Another to my collection of Squadron, Army-Cooperation and Tactical Reconnaissance aircraft.





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There must be something special around that kit.....I've always liked the fabric effect, combined with the raised rivet detail.

Your kit is the perfect example of how an oldie can be turned into a goodie.....

Cheers from Tenerife..

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Great looking Lizzie , you have turned a basic kit into a masterpiece .





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On 3/29/2017 at 3:05 AM, ColFord said:

(well before Hendie went on his epic and magnificent build of the same kit),


I'd probably use the term hopelessly misguided, but thanks for the compliment!



Nice build there, and nice paint job. Definitely looks like a Lysander to me 

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Very nice build. Built this myself although I do not think it was labelled as Italeri.  It was a Revell just remembered.


Amazing the number of aircraft built before WW11 and then used in such a different way.


Had problems with the wings as there is not, at least on the Revell, much to support them. One collapsed and I

had to drill in reinforcement.





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That is lovely work. My grandfather got left behind at Dunkirk and one of the few stories of the war he told was a Lysander spotting him in a field, an old Lysander he called it. I'd always wanted to build one in memory of him but it would need to be as good as this to do it justice. Yours has its perfect 

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