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Hurricane MkI, 1:72, Airfix with AlleyCat metal wing conversion

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My first non-World War One aircraft in over 35 years is now complete!

 The kit is the new tool Airfix one in 1:72, with a resin wing conversion by Alley Cat to make it a metal winged version. I also added Eduard PE details, Rexx metal exhausts, and CMK resin 5 spoke wheels.

 The wing conversion is beautifully cast, with excellent detail, and fits the kit almost perfectly. I needed to sand under the nose to reduce a step there, but that was the only fit issue. My wing was also a little thick on the trailing edge so I had to sand that down, meaning I lost the detail of the ailerons and had to rescribe the rearmost panel lines, but others have stated that theirs were thin enough to not require sanding. Other issues I had were that the Rexx exhausts didn't fit so I had to open out the slots in the nose - unfortunately I hadn't checked the fit early on and didn't discover that until I was almost finished! I got them to fit, but it would have been much easier to do before anything had been assembled. The wheels also require reshaping of the mounting lug on the kit leg as the kit wheels have a slot, not a hole. Easily taken care of.

 The squadron codes and "N" in the serial are from the Microscale BoB sheet, while the serial number is from the Pegasus WWI RFC/RNAS serials sheet. All other markings are from the kit. The full build log is here.


 The aircraft modelled is VY-P, N2319, of 85 Squadron based at Lille-Seclin in early May 1940. Flown by Sgt G "Sammy" Allard who claimed 2 He111's destroyed on 10th May. Many thanks to @Troy Smith for all the help with the details of this aircraft and very useful info on Hurricanes in general!


Anyway, enough of the chat, here are the pics!
























 I hope you like her!



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