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SB2C-4 Helldiver Atlantic Scheme Question


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Good day all,


I am building Accurate Miniature (or Pro-Modeller) SB2C-4 Helldiver in the Atlantic scheme and I have chosen the below subject:




The question that I have for this particular subject is; what color could the sliding part of the canopy be? It is obviously a different color from the Dark Gull Grey... My theory would be that it is a replacement and be might from a plane with either the 3 tones camouflage (pacific) or the overall Glossy Sea Blue. What are you thoughts gentlemen?





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Either way the canopy frame is US Sea Blue. If it were from an overall blue aircraft it would be Gloss Sea Blue but as it appears to be matt I`d go with Non Specular Sea Blue from the tri colour scheme. 

Good luck with your model, I built one in this scheme years ago and it does look very effective.



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