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AT-ACT Walker (06754)


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Rogue One AT-ACT Walker (06754)

1:100 Revell Make & Play




Rogue One is the latest film from the Star Wars universe, and sets the scene for Star Wars – A New Hope, which I'm hoping hasn't spoiled the plot for you.  It introduces a raft of new types to the Rebel and Imperial forces, some of which are totally new, others are variations on an existing theme.  One such is the new (old?) All-Terrain Armoured Cargo Transport AT-ACTs that the Rebels encounter on the Imperial outpost when they're trying to half-inch something special.  I won't spoil it too much if you've not seen the film, but the Walkers' appearance on the screen is like seeing an old friend, even if that old friend is going to be shooting at you any minute now.  These variants carry cargo in what appear to be modular containers that fit into their body, probably sliding in and out as needed.  Their armament is limited to two cheek-mounted cannon that can still pack a sizeable punch, and they are still clearly related to the mighty AT-AT.



The Kit

Make & Play is a really cool range of easy-kits that require no glue, have few parts, and are fitted with light & sound modules, which makes them great fun for kids of all ages to play with.  Inside the box are 45 parts in tough ABS plastic, some held fast in vacform plastic packing, other in heat sealed plastic bags.  Like the other kit reviewed today, the numbers engraved on the insides of some of the parts are at variance with the first page of the instructions, so take care when putting together these parts.  Construction begins with the large slab-sided hull parts, into which the orange-coloured cargo panels are clipped, after which the lower hull and the leg axles and bulkheads are attached together, the right hull half clipped into place, and the roof part slotted in before closing up the hull with the left side.  The head is next, with its cheek guns clipping in place so that they can be posed, and the lower part of the head contains the light & sound module, which is shipped with the batteries isolated by a slip of clear sheet.  Remove this, and pressing the button the top of the head will make the cockpit aperture glow red, and make one of two sound effects from the film.








The legs are all built the same way, so a little production line will speed the process up.  The foot can slide within the lower leg, which is in turn able to pivot around the knee by inserting a snap-in axle, the same process being used again at the hip joint.  These snap-in parts required a fair amount of force on my sample, so it might be necessary for adult fingers to help out here to avoid frustration.  On the upside, they should consequently be difficult to remove.





The kit captures the look of the on-screen walkers well, and apart from the cannons, should stand up to play very well.  The sounds are fun, and the evil glow from the cockpit is surprisingly effective when viewed from the front.  Kids will love them, and I'm sure some adults will too.  It is also nice to see that the scale chosen for this kit is the same as the U-Wing that has been released at the same time.  It isn't stated on the box, but they are both shown as 1:100 scale on Revell's website.  Perhaps previous criticism of the eclectic scales of the earlier kits have been listened to?


Very highly recommended.


Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit


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Bought one of these for my daughter at Christmas.

I did think of getting one to have a play with myself but having it too look at decided against it...

Some of these Revell Star Wars kits can build up OK and are not as bad as some of the internet would have you believe...


This is not one of their stronger kits and detail is lacking in lots of places but it's the flat panel in-between the two front legs and that it doesn't have enough toes that did it for me.

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and in classic revell form....they have kept up with their time honnoured actions of making kits with lots of errors in


ie   the ones in the film have 4 toes not 3


and the ones in the film ...the side panels are a dull yell not bright orange

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