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P-39 Colours in Mig AMMO

Kuro Nezumi

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Good evening,


I'll soon be starting my Airacobra in Soviet markings and I want to use Mig AMMO paints. Trouble is that I'm finding it hard finding the right colours from Mig. The paints I need are for the camouflage (olive drab and some form of grey), the cockpit, undercarriage and the flap interior. Can anyone come up with any close matches? Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you.

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The colors are Olive Drab, Neutral Gray, and an interior green (either zinc chromate green, or a darkened version of that same color for the cockpit area). Look for those by name as there is enough variation that unless you're trying to make something factory fresh, which a Soviet P-39 isn't, it'll be close enough. 


I just did a quick scan of Ammo paints...how many olive drabs do they have?!  If I were to start, I'd go with 926 Olive Drab base as a fresher color, but use 927 for a faded look and 928 with some yellow added for a very faded look. 113 khaki green could represent a yellowed variation or for variation on fabric areas. 


211 Medium Gray is actually closer to RAF Medium Sea Grey (some blue to it by comparison). I'd add some black to make it just a bit darker, or use it as is to represent a faded sample. 


220 Green can be used for the interiors. Lighten it with some yellow for non cockpit areas (or use 221). 


These would be starting places for the colors. 

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