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Monogram '57 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 1/24

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A superbly detailed kit from Monogram which can be built either as standard or police/sheriff versions. The build itself was straightforward with only minor issues of a few vague placements and an odd build order. Of course I always have at least one 'senior moment' with my builds where I make a mistake or generally mess up and this one is no exception. When I discover the error of my ways, it's usually too late to remedy :crying:




































Thanks for looking,





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37 minutes ago, bhouse said:

I like that a lot :clap:

Very neat stripes - how much grief did they cause?



A lot of grief but not as much as the masking fail between the black and white. Cleaning up took me ages and still not perfect.

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Ooh damn you.  I had one of these kits in my hand this weekend...but ultimately put it back on the shelf.  I had visions of building a hot rod wagon by kitbashing this kit and one of the Shelby GT350 kits I have laying in the stash.

Looks sharp.

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27 minutes ago, MetroRacing said:

Was your senior moment when you was placing the Ford decal on the bonnet by any chance? 😉




It was indeed :blush: Also tells me I need a new pair of glasses :blush:






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