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1/8 Heller BMW R-75/5 1973/1974

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Hi guys, this is the final reveal of the 1/8 Heller BMW R750/5, which my friend asked me to build for his elder brother and some pics of the real bike. His brother who is now 57 bought the bike when he was 19 and toured Europe on his Honeymoon!



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8 hours ago, Billydick said:

Great to see another of your superb bike builds Lee.  Being a Heller kit, how did it build up ?



Heller made a super kit at the design bench,the details were spot on in every way,sadly the engineering and cost cutting materials let it down,in an effort to get the parts looking exact they forgot to build in strength in a few area,so i had to beef up the front fork attachment to the lower steering triple clamp by adding cocktail sticks drilled and glued into each fork tube,also many of the vinyl choke and throttle cables were replaced by electrical wire as there was no way to bend the vinyl kit parts,finally the instructions were difficult to follow at times,not a beginners kit,but very satisfying to build overall.

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Fabulous job, Lee. Very well done. This is an inspiration for someone who's just about to embark on the very closely related (actually he same) Airfix Beemer R75/5 that's been gathering dust up in the attic since i don't know when. The decals are well and truly shot but that doesn't matter as they were rubbish anyway - only fit for a white or silver paint job and, like yours, mine's just gotta be black. The idea of trying to do white coach lining is a bit daunting so will try to reproduce/recolour the existing decals using photo editing software, laser printer and clear decal paper. As for the mudguards, found a sheet of super thin line decals down to 0.1 mm width which might do the job with a bit of help from Tamiya Mark Fit.  Will follow your build for guidance, with the main difference that I'm also going to try rebuilding the wheels with wire spokes and brass nipples (NOT easy with the BMW spoke pattern but well worth the effort. 

PS: That stand is brilliant, too. Did i miss the bit where you said how you'd crafted that? 

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A really  nicely built model of that classic bike Lee.

Besides the model being good in its own right the display case you mounted the model in really enhances it.

Did you have the perspex display case made specially for it?  

I like the plinth within the case with the BMW badge centrally on it. Did you create the plinth yourself as the badge does not look like a sticker placed on it?

Your friend's elder brother now has a model of his bike to be proud of.

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