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Recomend a compressor & Airbrush combo


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Can anyone recommend a compressor, I was considering the Revell Master Class Compressor as it has a tank, but didn't know if anyone has any other ideas.


Looking to spend £150-£200 but, would happily spend less.


It will mainly be used for painting some large 1/72 aircraft and ships.


Thanks in advance for your advice.







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That's a standard sparmax unit, available under a number of names, usually at £200.


We have two versions of the compresor for sales,

The standards one is the little-tank compressor at £180, comes complete with a hose and a 2 year warranty.


little-jet compressor offer price


What airbrush are you looking to attach to your compressor ???






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Hi Paul,


I have a badger 200, which I purchased a year or two ago, with a view to purchasing a compressor around the same time.


I'd happily purchase a better alternative if recommended.





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