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I fancied a quick and easy project and seeing Spitfires overhead daily during the summer months (I'm under the approach to Biggin Hill) I didn't need much inspiration to dig this one out of the attic :)


This model simply fell together and was an absolute joy - construction of the main airframe only took a few evenings and I only used a smidgen of filler at the wing to fuselage join.

Decals were from EagleCal and I also added the MDC corrected spinner and oil cooler,to more accurately replicate a MkIIa. 


The model depicts P8088 of 118Sqn during April 1941.




















All paints were Xtracolour enamels, with Humbrol Matt varnish.


I'm really looking forward to the MkIX that Revell are about to release to go with this one.


All the best,



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Fantastic looking Spitfire!   I've read good reports before on this particular kit so not surprised it went together well for you.





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I know EXACTLY what you mean. Living in Hythe (Kent) we get (Fly with a) Spitfires over my garden almost daily during the summer. Even my 12 year old daughter knows what a Merlin sounds like! I assume the kit is the new(ish) Revell, which has been diss'd lots. But that looks gorgeous. Apart from the spinner and oil cooler, is it OOB?

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