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Romanian Midget

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Hello everyone 

My entry will be the Eduard Profipack MiG-15UTI, and I will try to represent one of the Romanian Air Force MiG-15UTI.

This type saw intense activity until 1992 preparing the young pilots for the more powerful 21's and 23's.

I choose an 1974 machine, photographed on the Bacau Airfield, code "134", in a nice 3 colours camo pattern(not documented).







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Excellent :D It's always a treat to see some of the lesser nations getting covered and even better that an unexpected type with such a long career is the subject :thumbsup: 

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Fair point S-S, that didn't come out how it was intended, lesser covered nations would have been a better way of putting it.

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Now, about Romanians MiG-15 / bis / UTI with 2/3 tones camouflage little is known.
In the 70's these were already sent back to the third row, remaining in service for the sole purpose of training new pilots, in fact the photos are taken in Bacau, where worked a pilot school and where, these  future pilots were one "tour" as a passage from  subsonic aircraft to others as MiG-21's.
There is a second school of thought that says that the MiG-15 in question were painted so because bound to the role of "ground attack". However, the truth is somewhere in between. The fact is that in those years Romania (together with Yugoslavia) was preparing to fly (just in Bacau) a plane developed entirely without Soviet aid: IAR-93 (J-22 Orao).
Coincidence or not, it seems that the MiG-15 were used as a testbeds for the future painting of IAR-93, then in the absence of other official information (unofficial), I'll take that as inspiration the colors of the first 93.
The listing below is only a hypothesis, however, in the absence of more ...






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