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Ordnance Technical Artwork


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Good morning all


I hope this is an appropriate catagory to place this post in.


A friend of mine produces technical artwork on ordnance for EOD companies around the world as well as NATO and other organisations and has given me permission to start to provide it to the modelling work and I thought I would show you all what is available.


He provides artwork for ordnance from 2PR upto 160mm AVRE.  As well as the ordnance images he provides ordnance packaging - boxes, tubes etc.









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Hi Selwyn


None of the information is covered by the OSA, even the newer 120mm L11 ammunition for the Challenger. 
The 17PR and 95mm are from WW2 and post WW2 the APFSDS is a Chieftain and Challenger round.







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Having worked in defence procurement in MOD for 30+ years, and noting that this isn't covered by OSA, I think your friend should check thoroughly that these images can actually be distributed thus.  There may still be intellectual property issues, which can be a real minefield (bad pun!).  It is not uncommon for the original contracts under which such images might be produced to place restrictions on use or claim ownership.  I've certainly come across situations where I couldn't use reference drawings of UK service ammunition for MOD work without a licence because they were copyright to RO.  I notice these images are claimed to be copyright to the originator.  Is he certain?  Again it is not uncommon for the contracting body to acquire the copyright in such images for full portability, although free user rights are equally common with the originator retaining ownership.  I would never commission any artwork, drawing, document etc without vesting the copyright ownership in MOD.  He may have based his artwork on pre-existing intellectual property: digitising existing drawings or photographs, for example.  UK Govt Crown Copyright is valid for 125 years, thinking of the 17pdr and 95mm howitzer examples.  But I have no idea how much of that historic information might have been vested in RO when it was sold off.


But, ultimately, if he is content that he genuinely owns the unrestricted rights to the artwork and is able to freely distribute them via forums such as this, then I'm sure there are many people who would be interested.  Ammunition in dioramas is often badly or incorrectly painted.  More ammunition stencil decals - as distinct from box stencils - would be nice if his artwork could be used by decal manufacturers or made available for home decal printing.

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