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Revell Enterprise NCC1701 (TOS) - My First Model

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Thanks @RACETRACK I looked in to this a bit after someone else also mentioned DS9. The model does indeed look like it's based on the Enterprise featured in the DS9 episode 'Trials and Tribble-ations' which does have the grid lines... it made me feel better about not filling them in and trying to be faithful to the original series version :) 


I'd also love to build/have a 1/350 Enterprise, but I think the Mrs might get upset as I've not really got anywhere to display my models (yet)! The model I've shown above is a good size though, not too big but big enough to really get stuck in to, I really enjoyed building it. Even now, more than a year after I finished it I still enjoy plugging it in and looking at it :)

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After a recent disaster this model has become a 'work in progress' again :( The mains adapter I was using for the power source had a removable/changeable end and it came off. I put it back on, plugged it in and turned it on. After a few seconds I could smell burning :( Turns out I'd put it on the wrong way around so the polarity was wrong.


Luckily the power (9v) fed in to a small circuit board outside of the model, which in turn provided power to the other circuits inside the model. It also handled the timing for the navigation lights. So all the circuits and LEDs inside the model still work!


The image shows the completely melted 555 Timer chip socket after I tried to pull out the chip. I was going to replace it but the solder tracks on the board are also a bit of a mess. I'll probably build a replacement board while doing the electronics for another model. I'm just glad the Enterprise model is still fully working! Phew :)



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sorry to ask a noob question. I’m doing one of these as my first build too.  I’ve got the lighting and paint and all that done but, I’m so lost on the best type of top coat to use before and after decals.  There is so much out there and I’m not sure what to go for I love the way yours  looks, so thought I would ask what you used. 😃

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Hi @Monkeysinister 


I used Humbrol #35 Varnish Gloss - 14ml Acrylic Varnish (https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/35-varnish-gloss-12ml-acrylic-varnish.html) applied with an airbrush before applying the decals, and then again after the decals had dried.


The result was okay (I'm happy with it) but it was my first model ever and others might have better advise on this subject!



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