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Surface preperation for decals


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I will soon finish painting my model (Revell Enterprise NCC1701 (TOS)) and I'm starting to think about decals.


I've seen some excellent tips on applying decals in these forums, but I haven't come across anything about surface preparation that answered my nagging doubts/confusion.


I've read that I should apply them to a glossy surface, "It is vitally important to have a gloss or semi-gloss surface to apply the decals.  If the model is painted with matt/flat paints, then the surface needs to have a couple of thin coats of gloss varnish".


So, I already have some 'Revell Clear Matt Acrylic Spray', that I was planning to use to give the model a final protective coat, I chose Matt because I didn't want the model to look too shiny. But it sounds like I would need to use a glossy coat before applying the decals, and then finish with the Matt coat?


Would 'Humbrol Gloss Varnish Modellers Spray' be suitable for this purpose?

Thanks for any help/tips :)

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Avoid Humbrol enamel varnish as it turns yellow in a very short time.

Humbrol acrylic gloss varnish is fine.

I'd gloss up the paintwork, apply decals, then another coat of gloss to lock them on then the final matt varnish

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If you can find this stuff at your local Sainsbury or Tesco it works very well. It will last quite a long time and can be brushed or airbrushed, no thinning needed. Having it shipped makes it too expensive. I'm still using my bottle I purchased over ten years ago. 

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