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"The Flying Tank" - Il 2 Sturmovik

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Hello modellers,


 Here you are my last job, the beautiful Tamiya Sturmovik. It's a great kit that it's a pleasure to build (even if a bit expensive).

The model is OOB just with few additional details on landing gear and cut of control surfaces in angled position.

Paint, as well as glue and finishing spray are all Tamiya.


Enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment.






P.S. Apologise for the quality of the pictures... I made them with my mobile phone instead of camera.
















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No problem!

It really looks like a Schturmovik (transliterated from the Russian)

or a Stormovik if you prefer. (sounds more English)

In both cases it's a great model you built there.

Very good job; Bravo. :clap::clap2:



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