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Revell 1:16 Model T Ford (1912)


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While I have a load of partially built kits on, around, and under the bench, I've recently been suffering from a lack of mojo.


So I figured I'd pull the Revell 1:16 Model T Ford (1912) out of my stash.


Despite it being a larger scale kit (1:16) it is lacking in detail.  There is no engine included, but looking at the chassis mouldings there appears to be space for an electric motor / gears and drive shaft. So perhaps the original release was a motorised kit, as per the original Airfix 1:12 Blower Bentley?


Anyway, it should build up to be a nice model.



Obligatory Box and Sprue Shot:




Dry fitting a few bits together:




(lol, the doors are inside out in the photo above!)



Looking almost like a Model T Ford!

Hopefully I'll get my airbrush back in action and give this kit  a decent paint job.  Only thing is I need suggestions for repainting the gold chromed part, as by the time you remove them off the sprues, there are obvious marks on the gold chrome...

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Ooops, first of all, apologies for lack of updates, as I've been busy getting this kit finished, and not having much time for the forum!

Anyway, here is the final article.  If I get time I'll upload some "in progress" shots so you can see how the build progressed! 






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