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Stencils for Ark Royal's Phantoms?

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Hi all,


a long term project of mine is building one of Ark Royal's Phantoms using the Hasegawa RAF FG.1 kit (P17) and an old Model Alliance decal set. Now what about the correct stencils? Hobbydecal did a dedicated set of dry transfers but despite their website showing plenty available they seem to have gone out of business long ago.


Is it possible to use the black stencils from Revell's FGR.2 reissue? Are there differences compared to the FG.1 stencils I should take care of? On photos I did notice white stencilling on the FG.1's intake ramps and black walkway areas (?) on top of the fuselage which the Revell decals lack.





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Hello Chris!


I used some of the kit's stencils, like Ejection seat triangles and yellow markings.

For the EDSG areas I used black stencils from Icarus sheet (actually for F-4E, but includes stencils also for F-4J) and for white areas the grey stencils from a different decal sheet, also printed by Icarus. Note that some stencils on starboard side and on the bottom surface were only in FG.1s, so you won't find them on Icarus sheets.


Here is mine:









It is especially nice that Icarus provides also the Panel Numbers. This model carries 343 separate decals.


Best Regards,


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On 27.2.2017 at 9:51 PM, Antti_K said:

Note that some stencils on starboard side and on the bottom surface were only in FG.1s, so you won't find them on Icarus sheets.


Nice Phantom, Antti! Could you explain more about those exclusive stencils? (On the other hand if they are on the bottom surface I might just leave them off...)


Sitrep: In the meantime I got hold of an high-resolution scan of Hasegawa's "Ark Royal" painting instructions as well as a set of Furball's F-4B/N stencils. I went for the Furball set because it seems to be the only one with the "homeycomb No Step markings" printed in red (also the price was most reasonable too...). Let's hope the main stencils are identical... I also drew the walkways and those circles on the aircraft's spine on the computer and will try to get some sets printed.


The last piece of the puzzle remains the white lettering of the air and ground crew (I think) painted onto the starboard side of the canopies and intake ramp - in my case XT864 as seen in 1978. FLY NAVY! :-)

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Aircrew name on S/B side under cockpit ground crew on S/B splitter plate Red,White,Blue squares with name & trade in white beside square. 

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Thank You Chris:)


About the stencils:

On the Starboard side: Door 131R is located higher in FG.1 than in F-4J. FG.1 especially had Door 147R with wording: "AUXILIARY AIR DOOR SELECTOR VALVE, SPEED BRAKE SELECTOR VALVE & FLOW XXX" Unfortunately my photo isn't sharp enough to read the last word. Door 147R is located in front of the Fire Panel. Then there is Door 146R between doors 37R and 39R with wording:" LATERAL CONTROL BELLCRANK". Unlike F-4B or F-4J the FG.1 doesn't have Door 121R. I cut my stencils in pieces to get the wording right in some places. Elsewhere I simply accepted the fact that the words are in wrong order or there is no stencil at all. You can find good close up photos of the prototype FG.1 at Yeovilton Museum to check your stencils.


Underside then. F-4B or F-4J didn't have Doors 159L and 159R with wording: "ENGINE ACCESSORIES" or Doors 158R and 158L with wording: "ENGINE ACCESSORIES & AFT SWAYBRACE".F-4J didn't have Doors 83R and 83L "ENGINE ACCESSORIES" or Doors 84R and 84L "SAFETY PIN BREECH & UMBILICAL". All these are located underside of the engine bays. If I remember correctly Icarus had also different wording for Doors 89R and 89L. But then, their decal sheet is for the F-4E.


Luckily Icarus offered both yellow and red honeycomb markings;)


It's good that you have stencils for F-4B because the outer wing doors differ from those of F-4E.


Best Regards,


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