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70s tunes to build to

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11 hours ago, Col. said:

Do I need to pin this topic?


It would make it easier to find (and see). But Ive no idea how obsessed others are about music, personally its very rare indeed that I dont have any on of some sort unless Im asleep. :)

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The 70's?

Surely Peter Frampton:



Stealers wheel:



and the Doobie Brothers?



With a bit of Steely Dan thrown in?



I could go on... I loved the 70's...



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Deep Purple in Rock. 


Thinking 'Child in time' being used to score a slow-mo play back of a RAF Phantom ground attack strike.


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Mmmmmm, Blondie. ;)

Rubbish dancer, not the best singer, but.... yknow?


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14 hours ago, Dave_R said:

....and in much scummier part of New York there was this:-



....not everyones cup of tea - but I like all kinds of music 


Love the Talking Heads.


In a similar vein; while working on my phantom (and other models) last night, I had Television's album "Marquee Moon", playing.

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  • 1 month later...

And where here Warsaw Pact? 🤔The continuous domination of the western promotion and pop culture which is decomposing and ideologically harmfully influencing participants of a grupbild from the Warsaw Pact! 😆Where the leader of the Communist Party Britmodeller looks?🤔😆
In total most it is necessary to do! 😆😎Listen companions to the Soviet songs of the 70th years:

1.Georgy Sviridov. Time Forward

2.Samotsvety. My address is Soviet Union.

3.L.Leschenko. And Lenin So  young!

modern cover version from SILENZIUM

4..L.Leschenko. Victory Day


.....and some pop music and lyric:

A.Petrov.OST from Autumn marathon


A.Petrov.OST from Office romance.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_Romance   :

modern version DJ GRUV:

V.Dashkevich. Sherlook Holmes Overture from TV film


G.Gladkov. OST from Gentlemen of Fortune 


Anna German. Hope.

translate: http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=64794

Аctually there is a lot of songs and compositions, but I have noted only what it is possible to call the best hits which listen and now.





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I've only listened to the first three so far.  The first one I liked, l'm a bit of fan of Russian classical music anyway - good stuff. The other two however have been.... erm not so good.  Actually I'm onto the girls string trio now they're not too bad ;).


Anyway here's some decadent western capitalist music.....



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