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Quickboost 1/72 Mosquito seats

Wm Blecky

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I came across a forthcoming set from Quickboost for a set of resin seats for the DH Mosquito:



They are listed as being for a DH Mosquito Mk.IV/Mk.VI or Mk.XIII.  While these look very nice, they sure do not appear to resemble anything that comes with the intended kit (Tamiya) or any pictures that I have come across.  I'd say that they look like they belong to another aircraft type.  Can anyone comment on these?

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46 minutes ago, Dave Swindell said:

Those are for the Ju 52, these are the mosquito seats

Sadly, the link to the set you posted for the Mosquito are 1/48 :(


But, a set for the Ju 52 will come in handy.  I wonder if they are suited to other Luftwaffe types?


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