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Andre B

Tamiya AS and TS colours comparison chart

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AS Paints 


AS1 Dark Gren = XF 11

AS 2 Ligth Gray = XF 12


As 3 Gray Green = RLM 74 (Luftwaffe).

AS 4 Gray Violet = RLM 75 (Luftwaffe).

Close match for Humbrol Hu 79 Blue Grey and Hu 123 Extra Dark Sea Grey...

AS 5 Light Blue = RLM 76 (Luftwaffe).

AS 6 Olive Drab = XF 62

AS 7 Neutral Gray = XF 53

AS 8 Navy Blue (US Navy) = ?

Not the same as US Navy blues. Lighter and more "blueish"...


AS 9 Dark Green = Hu 163

AS 10 Ocean Grey = Revell 47

AS 11 Medium Sea Grey = Hu 165


AS 12 Bare Metal Silver. Nice looking on NMT aircrafts as P-51D toghether with TS 17 and TS 30.


AS 13 Green = FS 34079

SEAand Euro One camouflage.


AS 14 Olive Green = FS 34102

SEA and Euro One camouflage.

AS 15 Tan (USAF) = FS 30219

Close to Hu 118 US Tan. SEA and IDF camouflage.

AS 16 Light Gray = FS 36622 ???

AS 17 Dark Green (IJA).

AS 18 Light Gray (IJA).

AS 19 Intermediate Blue = ?

Rather light blue and not the same as US Navy Intermediate blue which is much greyish.  Much lighter blue compared to Xtracolor 125 and Hu 144 US Navy Intermediate Blue.

AS 20 Insignia White (US Navy).

AS 21 Dark Green 2 (IJN).

AS 22 Dark Earth.

Same as Hu 29 Dark Earth (RAF)?

AS 23 Light Green (Luftwaffe). RLM ?

AS 24 Dark Green (Luftwaffe). RLM ? Same as Humbrol 91?

AS 25 Dark Ghost Gray = FS 36622 ???

AS 26 Light Ghost Gray

AS 27 Gunship Gray 2

AS 28 Medium Gray

AS 29 Gray Green (IJN). = XF 29


AS 30 Dark Green 2 (RAF) = XF-81

AS 31 Ocean Gray 2 (RAF) = XF-82, Hu 106 Ocean Grey

AS 32 Medium Sea Grey 2 (RAF) = XF-83.

Same or close match for Hu 165 Light Sea Grey or Hu 64 Light Grey...



TS Paints

TS 1 Red Brown = XF 64
TS 2 Dark Green = XF-61
TS 3 Dark Yellow = XF-60
TS 4 German Grey = XF-63
TS 5 Olive Drab = XF-62
TS 6 = XF 1
TS 9 Brittish Racing Green = X-5
TS 17 Gloss Aluminium. Darker and more greyish than AS 12.
TS 27 = XF-2
TS 28 Olive Drab 2. Close to Hu 163 Dark Green?
TS 30 Silver leaf. Anm. Better than AS 12 Bare Metal Silver for NMT aircraft as P-51D Mustang.
TS 32 Haze Gray (US Navy) = XF-25 alt. XF-66. Close to Hu 87 Steel Grey?
TS 33 = XF-9
TS 46 Light sand. Same som Hu 121 Israeli Pale Stone?
TS 47 Chrome Yellow
TS 48 Gunship Gray
TS 60 Pearl Green. Same som Hu 90 Sky or Hu 120 (Israeli) Light Green?
TS 61 Nato Green = XF 67
TS 62 Nato Brown = XF 68
TS 63 Nato Black = XF 69
TS-70 = XF-74
TS-77 = XF-15


Comments and experiences vill be appreciated as there are no comparison chart for Tamiya AS and TS colours  today...



AS colors



TS Colors


Edited by Andre B
Updated chart - AS-4...

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Hi Andre,


Great start, just as a quick addition, the Tamiya 1/32 F-4C/D Phantom gives AS-13/14/15 as the upperside colours for the USAF SEA camouflage scheme (FS34079, 34102 & 30219) and I think they're fairly good matches, however they also give AS-16 as the underside colour (FS36622), but just to complicate things Tamiya also recommend the same AS-16 for USN Lt. Gull Grey (FS36440) in both the 1/32 F-4J Phantom kit and in the recent 1/48 F-14 Tomcat, IMHO AS-16 is closer to the Lt Gull Grey than to the SEA Camouflage Grey, but it's food for thought.

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Concerning following Tamiya paints...


AS 19 Intermediate blue, to light blue compared to USN Intermediate blue.


More info at...



Cheers / André

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AS Paints updated (AS 15).

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AS-4 updated. Close to Humbrol 123 Extra Dark Sea Grey.


Goes for RN aircrafts like Hawker Fury, Westland Wyvern, Seaharrier, Scimitar, Sea Vixen, Buccaneer and Phantom II...


If one want a lighter and more sunbleached shade try AS-27 Gunship Gray 2.



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