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Scratchbuilding motorbike parts


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First foray as such into this area, I've had an idea for the past month or so formulating about creating a scaled down version of the Lexmoto Arizona 125 I have, with that in mind I have the bike at home so I could quite easily get all the measurements of the parts.

Few questions though which I hope don't sound like they are coming from a complete newbie in this area.

1. How would I go about making the frame?
2. How would I go about making the suspension?

3. How would I go about making the tyre's and wheels?


Engine wise, I know there are a few kits out there which are of a similar design, although they are for the higher "cc" bikes, I was looking at them and thiking with a slight bit of modifications that they could become the basis for the same engine as the one I have.

The scale I would be looking at building it in is 1:4, and if the measurements I have are correct then it should work out like this:

1:4 scale Length: 205 cm long, 51.25 cm scale

1:4 Scale Width: 77 cm Wide, 19.25cm scale

1:4 scale height: 105.5 cm High, 26.37 cm scale

1:4 scale wheelbase: 137.5 cm real life, 34.37 cm real life.


This could be pie in the sky at the moment as I have a few kits I need to finish, but I'm thinking about a long term plan of building this up, and possibly having some electrics on it working.

Many thanks in advance


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Start by googling. This site is just one scratchbuilder's summary. 


I've never attempted a true scratchbuild, but have used some techniques on aircraft models. I have contemplated scratch building a chassis for a Jeep. 


For a motorcycle, I'd first attempt to make the frame using styrene rod. If that appears to be strong enough to hold all the components I'd then consider the remainder. If not I'd use the styrene frame as a reference and make one of brass rod and tube, soldered together. Look on YouTube for Paul Budzick videos; he's got one on how to solder properly for our hobby. 


One added benefit to using tube: you may be able to run some wiring via the tube and hide your electricals. 


For the suspension and wheels, my brain keeps coming around to a mini lathe. This thread actually has some examples of Modelers here who have accomplished making those using a lathe. 

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