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F-111F Aardvark, Academy 1/48

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An old thread which I saw the link to in another thread today in Cold War.


Just had to say that this is simply an awesome build of an awesome aircraft. I really am very impressed with this work.


Hats off.



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Nice to see a model not looking like it's been in service since WW1😁

That's not to say that some of the ultra realistic models on here are not skilfully crafted, as is yours BTW, just that sometimes it's nice to see a just as it looked a few weeks/ months after delivery.......just my opinion.


After seeing yours dug mine out of the loft insulation that is my stash and Inspired to try and get a similar result.


Kind Regards 


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That is one awesome build and finish. Superb work and captures the 111 perfectly.


I'm sure I saw and photographed this bird at Mildenhall? Can't quite remember, but I do remember many a time at Lakenheath watching these aircraft on circuits. Remember also paying the astronomical fee of £1 to be allowed into the Excalibur VII departure day at Lakenheath back in the 90s, where we got ferried around the base to photograph the aircraft, and then sit on the grass alongside the runway to watch the departures. Great day out and the good people of the 48th TFW even laid on a burger stand. I sat there watching it all and chatting to a F-111 jockey. Still remember his name, 1st Lt Preston Plous. I looked him up recently. Seems he went onto Special Operations and then on the Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. Quite a career!


Once again, amazing build. It's a gem!



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Absolutely gorgeous! Miss the Vark, I remember the last days of these beasts at Lakenheath and boy did the pilots chuck them around. I was lucky really as I only caught the tail end of their service life at the Heath as I was only young but they certainly left a lasting image in my memory.



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Really nice man, I've an F111 myself but it is Hobbyboss in the stash, it's an RAAF version I hope it turns out nearly as well as this!

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