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Hi all,


Here is one of three Eduard MiG-21s I've just finished. This is their 1/48 kit with Begemot decals and finished in Mr Color 8 Silver. This was from the ProfiPak boxing, although there's a lot of PE I did not use. Full write up at https://jonbryon.com/eduard-148-mikoyan-gurevich-mig-21sm-fishbed-j/. Comments welcome, and thanks for looking.















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12 minutes ago, franky boy said:

Great work again Jon


Meant to ask in the R post, what shades of metal did you use for nose ring and the jet exhaust areas?




Thanks James.


Each model has some different shades in those areas. Some of it is Alclad Steel, Jet Exhaust, Magnesium and Pale Burnt Metal. Some of it is Mr Color 61 Burnt Iron. The nose rings are, I think, Alclad Magnesium or Mr Color 61; I can't remember I'm afraid!





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