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Stridsvagn M/39 Swedish Light Tank - 1:72 IBG Models

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Stridsvagn M/39 Swedish Light Tank

1:72 IBG Models




The Stridsvagn M/39 was a development of the L-60 Swedish light tank, and advanced and innovative design first produced in 1934. Lightly armoured and armed, the design took advantage of the powerful but compact 7.9 litre Bussing-Nag V8 engine and torsion bar suspension in order to achieve success as a reconnaissance tank. As the name suggests, the M/39 entered service with the Swedish Army in 1939. The designed was also developed into the successful Toldi light tank by the Hungarian Army. Tanks were also sold to Ireland (2) and after World War II to Dominicana Republic (20). The m/40L version served in the Dominicanan Civil War of 1965. The last examples were only retired by the Dominican Army in 2002. 


This kit first saw the light of day last year in the guise of the Hugaran Toldi I, II, IIa and III variants. Now IBG have turned their attention to the indigenous Swedish variants, starting with the M/39. The kit packed into a fairly large (about the twice the size it needs to be) top-opening box adorned with the kind of high quality artwork we've come to expect of IBG. Inside the box are a number of sprues of crisply moulded grey plastic. The kit has all the hallmarks of a modern, high quality tooling as good as those from any other mainstream producer.






Construction starts with the lower hull, suspension and running gear. The road wheels, drive sprocket and idlers are all nicely moulded and match photographs of the real thing very well. The  suspension swing arms are moulded separately to the lower hull, however, so care will have to be taken to ensure everything lines up properly with all of the wheels touching the ground. Tracks are of the link and length variety and are very nicely rendered. Photos of the real thing show a very slight sag in the upper run between the return rollers, so a dip in hot water might be necessary in order to achieve this effect. Once the exhausts and a couple of other small details have been fixed in place, construction can move on to the upper hull.






This sub-assembly is just as detailed as the lower hull. The driver's hatch is moulded separately, as are the tools and stowage bins. The engine vent and air intake cover are provided for on the photo etched sheet. Fenders and engine vents are all moulded in place. The turret is fairly simple, but features a separately moulded hatch, spare road wheel and separately moulded main gun and coaxial machine guns. The overall effect should be very pleasing. One colour scheme is shown in the instructions, but no specific tank as the decal sheet includes a full set of numbers in order to enable a range of different tanks to be modelled. The decal sheet itself is nicely printed.






I really liked IBG's Toldi kits, so it's good to see them turn their attention to the original Swedish series of light tanks. Detail is excellent and the quality of moulded parts is up there with the very best. The link and length tracks and photo etched parts are a welcome inclusion too. Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of IBG Models




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It's slightly more flexible than normal resin, but immersing them briefly in very hot water or using a hair-dryer or similar helps with getting the fit, plunging them in cold water will lock it in.....There was a handy tutorial on ML Braille a while back, but the site's not very easy to search, if I find it I'll add a link here.  :coolio:

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