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Hi all,

Here is my latest build - the Hasegawa 1/24 Porsche 962. A fun little build, this kit was re-released midway through last year. I finished it as the Omron 962 Vern Schuppan ran with great success in Japan in 1989. This is chassis 962-008, which was earlier in life a factory Rothmans car and the red/yellow Shell/Dunlop car the Andrettis drove at Le Mans in 1988. I used Tamiya lacquers for the paintwork and acrylics for the weathering. I used a little "artistic license" with the paintwork. As always, comments and critiques are very welcome. 

Thanks for looking,

















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Well, that's just superb! :thumbsup:


I assume the round mark on the right hand side is a result of the pit crew leaning a hot wheel against the side...?

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On 2/11/2017 at 10:28 AM, Enzo Matrix said:

Well, that's just superb! :thumbsup:





Completely agree, very nicely done indeed.



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Very nice.

I like the weathering and as above, the tyre rub is a nice touch (must be from a car with smaller wheels than the Porker!)

Like it a lot - what decals are those?


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Great finish jake. Love the omron colours and I did something very similar with my fortuna long-tail 962 not long ago with the wheel marks 



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