Gday All   Latest project to hit the Cutting Mat is the Kittyhawk P-39 Airacobra. kittyhawk boxart  ,  Ive always liked the look of the P-39 in RAF colours, so will be doing this kit as a Mk1.  American aircraft -  to me -  always look better in pommy colours anyway! Something like this hopefully.   P -39  Collection - A Cash Peter Arnold 050c_zpslqoqxkgy  , The kit looks fantastic in the box, hopefully it builds up nicely too.     Kittyhawk allow you to build a model with engine cowlings, gun access panels, cockpit doors, radio access panels, oil tank hatch and radiator flaps open.  In addition, landing flaps can be displayed in the lowered position as well as separate elevators and rudder.  I plan to take advantage of all of this! Despite this multitude of open panels, I decided I needed more.   Quite a few photos I saw of Airacobras being serviced show not only the main rectangular cowling  that Kittyhawk supply as a separate part off, but also the triangular panel behind it, so the first thing to do was separate this with the aid of a scalpel cowling removed  ,  YIKES!!!  Thats quite a large hole Of course this then meant I had to actually build the additional structures you might see.  Why do I do this? Anyway, some interior structure was knocked up using plastic strip.   ,  Im certainly not a super detailer or even decent scratchbuilder.  It took me about six goes to get that bulkhead the right width!  To me it looks a little over scale, but the strips were the only sizes I had, and , yes, I know I should have laid the stringers down first, then done the ribs but honestly, once its all said and done, I don't think you will notice.  I just wanted some structural components visible rather than a blank opposite wall. I also purchased the Eduard sets for the kittyhawk kit. On the exterior set Eduard supply the fastening framework for the cowlings so I combined both to outline the open panels on the one side. The centre divider has a plastic strip behind it. The other fuselage half has the cowling and  radio hatch  glued in the closed position with no fit problems  , To Be Continued   Bruce