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Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS1 1/48th scale

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Morning all.

You know sometimes, you just run out of steam on a project - for various reasons.  This is one I was really enjoying, and then for some reason - principally because the windscreen caused me grief and got a big glue mark in it, the spark sort of died a bit.  I'm not unhappy with it, but Im not overjoyed.


Anyhow - inspired and aided by Pappy's & Callum's models - here's my "lurker" - finished with Tamiya & Gunze acrylics, decals from the kit, and few improvements to the gun pods. I've forgotten to add the kill marks, and the camera fairing on the starboard nose should be in MSG. Oops!







All comments welcome as ever.



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Looks as good as ever to me Jon, but I know what you mean. Sometimes familiarity with our own projects breeds a sense of anti-climax at the finish that others don't see. I've got at least two of these to build (my favourite fighter) and will be pleased if they finish like this.

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It must be nice to be lukewarm about one's own masterpiece. 

I am usually happy about the mediocre model I finish every few years...

Before I go and bury my previous completed models into the compost heap, allow me to congratulate you on a superlative build!



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Thanks everyone.

Just to clarify my initial comments. As I said - I'm not unhappy with the build - it just it ultimately failed too keep me excited - so I finished it without those extra little touches that  I personally like to add when the "flames are still aglow" ( so to speak). Fortunately ( and I must admit, quite rarely for me) I'd already got the things like UC and underwent pylons with load finished, so it was pretty simple to put everything together. Had that not been the case - I'm fairly sure this would have become a semi-finished shelf sitter.


I'd already had to polish out a CA glue mark on the inside of the windscreen form trying to fit it once, so when the final glue mark happened, it really did pour water on the glowing embers.

But, please do know this - I am glad you like it.




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