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The Deathhead final configuration;




He looks a little stark hangin' out there , plenty of details to  keep him company coming up!

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Drybrush masks were used to do the steps and window frames:


Dbrushed in four colors:


A good time to point out the useful demarcation provided by the cockpit coaming. I have a mask for this as well.

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Mind numbing busy work.

Double glueing the 40 odd eyelets into the top wing , rib tape decal repair and paint touch ups , readying the top wing for its install.

Also thinking about strut attachment to the bottom wing.


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Thank you.

Detail work continues , big surprise , interior gun ring detail was made from flat black vinyl :


Hardware was embossed and drybrushing done:




Gun ring p/e plopped on for a look:


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Fuse details;

Specifically the gunring , gunring door , and the debris guards:


A pic to show the a/m guard screen (not used , as well as the other 80% of the useless a/m set):


 No ref pics for the a/m screen , lots for the kit parts.

Set up for painting.

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S'more fuse detail work.

On the IP doghouse adding the 2 mirrors and sorting the windshield.

Mirrors are mounted ,the left by drilling out the marked hole inside the doghouse and guessing where the right one went , both mounted slightly angled up and to the outside , care given that the 2 faces are parallel when viewed from the side.

You can see the windshield in the pic laying there. I suggest that the windshield be fitted when the doghouse work is started. It fits problematically and needs special care to get it sorted:




P/E bezels were used to replicate mounting flanges..

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Dimensions taken and another file for the Gotha accessorie series for the mirrors. Cut out of chrome/mirror sign material:


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