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I'm kinda new to modelling. I've been doing this few years and recently had a long break because of extramural college.

I have only build 4 models so far so I'm always happy to learn new things.

My main interest is giant mecha but anything Sci-Fi related is good. Hope to find some fellow SF modellers here.
Some of you may know me from FichtenFoo od MaschinenKrieger forums.


Here are my works so far:










My Falke is 90% done, abandoned 3 (4?) years ago, hopefully will finish it soon.



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Hi Jiloo!


Glad to see you here, dont know if you remember me but i used to post on the Ma.k forums as Grendel, i remember your faulke very well still love the camo!


Look forward to seeing your stuff mate :)

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