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1/44th P-38G by F-toys

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That's a very nice build there, David, and I like the dramatic background too !


F-Toys seem to have some interesting subjects in their range and I've been tempted to get one or two myself (I haven't taken the plunge yet).

Are these models produced from styrene plastic (the material that traditional glue-together kits are made from, such as Airfix and Revell) or are they produced from another type of plastic, requiring a different type of adhesive to add on the smaller components ?


Anyway, well done, I like the weathering effect that you've applied to this particular aircraft.



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I am not sure, but the plastic behaved like hard styrene (or polystyrene).  I used Tamiya liquid cement, which worked well enough.  It ate into the plastic slower and to a lesser degree than most kits.  I used super glue in some areas without issues.  The paint that they come with was tough stuff, not touched by mineral spirits or lacquer thinner.  I ran a sanding stick over the paint to clean any unevenness in the original paint and remove the original decals.


Cafe Reo does some nice subjects as well, but I have not tried any of there kits yet.





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