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1/48 Hurricane colors


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Hi Oleg


in short, the underside should be Sky,  but Sky was specified as an underside colour from early June 1940,  nad there is some evidence that shortages of the correct new colour led to mixes and substitutions.  



the Ducimus monograph on Hurricane camo will answer many questions



This only applies to in field repaints,  and if you are doing the SD-X  scheme,V6799  that would have been factory finished in Sky,  as would R4119,  but the kit depicts R4119 as a warbird,  for BoB fit, it should have the Rotol prop.

Hurricane prop and spinners are very confusing,see here



a word of caution, it's possible to fit the either set of prop blades to either spinner, I've seen two build on here with DH blades fitted to a Rotol  spinner:fraidnot:









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Yes, i meant R4118, (done from memory :banghead: )  the Airfix kit depicts R4118 as it flies, and it has later 'bullet' Rotol fitted,



I don't know of ANY preserved Hurricane Mk.I which has the Spitfire type Rotol fitted,   P2617 at Hendon has a 'bullet' Rotol fitted from use   in Training Command.




 the kit recommend the use of  the De Havilland propeller for R4118,  as it does not have the 'bullet' Rotol


the Hurricane in this photo is R4105,  see http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961063-hurricane-sd-u-501-sq-serial/


 note the Spitfire Rotol prop



BTW, If you have Netflix there is a reasonable documentary, Plane Resurrection the finding, recovery and restoration of R4118,  while they witter on about the prop, the one shown in India ,badly corroded, looks like the De Havilland type,  this was the type usually fitted to Tropical Mk.I's, but when built R4118 would almost certainly have been  fitted with the Spitfire Rotol propeller.




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