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1/32 Taube by Wingnut Wings


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I re-uploaded that image here (so we don't burn through Mike's Photobucket bandwidth):


9_E715258_1_FD7_4_CD2_B86_B_6432_C655_BBupload pic


(image credit Uschi, via Mike Swinburne)



31 minutes ago, HMSLion said:

The good news is that monoplanes are easy to rig.


LOL no.




The Taube was a warp-wing design.


It.  Was.  Complex.


(seriously - the WWI digest guys were complaining about rigging a Taube about a month ago, and they only like building vac biplane kits because everything else is too easy!)

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There are many kinds of Taube, I think most German companies built their own. This kit is the Jeannin Stahltaube.


On 2/2/2017 at 8:08 AM, HMSLion said:

I've also heard WNW is working on a Fokker D.VII (Fok) Early.

Sure is, it was on the shelf above the Taube. Five decal options:


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Release - ref. 32058  - Jeannin Stahltaube (1914) expected in late October 2017 








Wingnut Wings has sent the following information about their forthcoming releases and a water damaged stock special:

We are pleased to announce that our next new release, the Jeannin Stahltaube (1914), should be available from your preferred stockist in late October 2017.

The initial bird-like “Taube” (Dove) design was made by Austrian Igo Etrich and successfully took to the air in April 1910. Unfortunately for Etrich he was unable to patent his design which lead to a dizzying array of copycat Taube aircraft being churned out by dozens of German manufacturers. One of the most successful was the Jeannin Stahltaube (Steel Dove) which was operated by the German military. Note that while just about all Taubes appear the same they are in fact significantly different from one another. 



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