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Hello everyone

I hope I have used the proper section to introduce myself as social media is not my forte.


My name is Alvin,live in Northern Ireland and am retired. I have built models since the days of Airfix bagged kits that cost 2 bob each. I am a member of the Northern Ireland Modellers Association, a motley collection of social misfits. I am lucky to have my own man cave at home for my various projects mainly larger scale WW2 subjects though finding space is always a problem - so what's new with that ?


My main beef for which i make no apology is the bizarre fascination in the aircraft modelling world for so-called Luft 46 subjects,some of which never made it past the designers drawing board before the Russians kicked the door down. Therefore the best paint scheme for these kits would be blue and white - draughtsman's ink and paper.This seems to be at expense of various RAF subjects for which we have a limited choice.


Anyway enough of that. I have read the article by Epeeman about the Merit Se5a. I have attempted this kit and got it wrong as I believe I got the inner (cabane) struts the wrong way round and the rigging was ropey (no pun intended). I have another one ordered,rather extravagant but I hate to be beaten..Epeeman if you are out there can you please let me know what paint you used. the result looks positively great.

Many Thanks



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9 minutes ago, Mike said:

:welcome: aboard Alvin.  You're in the right place, but we're not really social media, we're a bunch of anti-social modellers ;)  Good luck with No.2 :)

Many Thanks Mike 

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