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1/24 Fujimi Honda CRx

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This one never made it to the work in progress thread, but this is the second completion of 2017...










I used a new technique to highlight the shut-lines of the doors, bonnet & tailgate. I dipped the sharp end of a cocktail stick into some matt black acrylic, and gently drew the point along the panel line. Then using the other end, I gently removed any spill-over. Not a bad outcome, I think.

The focus on some of the image is a bit narrow. This was due to the light level being a bit low, me not having my tripod to hand and therefore having to use a relatively wide aperture on the camera.


On the whole, this was a reasonably easy build and quite enjoyable.

Thanks for looking, Alan.


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Unfortunately, the bonnet doesn't open. It's just the black paint in the shut-line that makes it look like it might.

It would be awesome if more manufacturers put engine detail in their models. Maybe I'll adapt one of the after market resin engine kits for a future build.

Maybe a V8 Audi 80? (I have a Fujimi Audi 80 that needs a lot of fettling....)

Many years ago, I tried to make a Ford 3-litre V6 in 32nd scale for an Airfix Escort. Didn't get far. I had the block done, then O-levels intervened and it got put away somewhere..


Ah well....


Cheers, Alan.

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