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Emhar FJ-4 Fury 1/72

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Very nice build!! Very nice scheme!!

If someone does not know the emhar kit and take a look at the sprues and then look at your finished Fury, he would not believe his eyes that it is from the same sprues!! Really awesome work on a very simple kit of the past!!

I have the same kit (revell rebox) with extra vac canopy and PE for the cockpit!!

I hope one day I will start it...unless if a model-company release it with new moulds in the near future!!






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You have done a really good job on the old kit. I have the kit and the resin bits but also the Aeroclub white metal undercarriage so thanks for the info about the resin and canopy.


Now that you have completed this hopefully a new one will appear soon.



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Nice to see an Emhar kit finished so nice. I am currently battling the Demons in the Demon kit. The Fury sits in the stash. These kits are deceptive, you think they will at least go together easy like a Matchbox kit-wrong!

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