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Emhar FJ-4 Fury 1/72

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Hi all,


As quick post of my completed Fury.


It has taken me a while and has been a pig to build, as those of you who have tried it will know. It is so fragile in places! But, of course, it is the only option in gentlemen's scale. I got the markings from a small shot of her in Steve Ginter's book and home printed them.  I added a Pavla cockpit set and tail pipe. The only other addition was a set of canopy rails from Plastruct square rod.I started by attempting the machine depicted in the Print Scale set but gave up as they are atrocious and too large. So I went for a sister ship that had a slight different dayglo pattern on the wings. So she is a machine that was based at Glynco. I had to scribe the panels - my first attempt ever! Weathered with Flory Dirt. All paints are Humbrol enamel.




Words of warning?


1. if you go for the Pavla set the canopy is out of scale and too large. I kept the front end from the kit and added the rear sliding portion from the Pavla. Not the best but hey ho!

2. the undercarriage legs are so, so fragile. For the nose gear I set the leg in a small block of sprue and then added the supporting strut from Plastruct round .8mm rod.

3. the wheels are from a F-86H (Special Hobby). Not completely accurate but better than the flimsy kit option.

4. change the nosewheel light within the door to the opposite side and at the bottom 

5. open up the intake fully. I then used a modified  inlet duct from a Heller F-86 to give it depth.


Not my best.





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adding comment re intake and scribing
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I like it. You've done a good job on it. I bought that kit when it first came out. I hate to think how long ago that was. But I do remember that it was a difficult build. 

The FJ 4 is a handsome beast that deserves a modern kit.

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I'm not super-smart on the FJ-4, but i had no idea about the scoop on the leading edge of the flap, or the roll spoilers. Never seen an innovation like that on a jet before.


I too was puzzled by what seemed like a lot of contradictory info on the FJ-4 drawings. Glad to learn that's been cleared up.



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15 minutes ago, RidgeRunner said:


You'll have to explain as I'm not sure what you mean.... Thanks

See the link I posted above. The scoop is on the underside of the wing and deflects air into the slot between the wing and the leading edge of the flap. The roll spoilers are on the top of the flaps near their leading edge.

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Superb build. I have this and on the strength of fondling the plastic a few times decided to get the Rareplanes vac version as I figured it would not be any harder to build and may have the edge in accuracy.


3 hours ago, John R said:

Well done on a pretty awful kit. It isn't the only kit around - I believe Matchbox did one but I've no idea what it was like



Matchbox kit is 1/48. I did read an internet rumour that the Emhar kit was going to be issued by Matchbox but the latter went bust in the interim. There is something Matchbox-ish about the spruce breakdown.



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For completeness, there is also the 1/72 Merlin Models FJ-4B: Low-pressure injection molded fuselage parts, white-metal landing gear and cockpit tub/seat, and decals.The multi-view drawing that accompanies the M is much more accurate than the parts, particularly the fuselage.   It may be that mine came with a cast canopy meant for another kit, since it is too wide by 1/4 inch; the best that can be said for it is that it hasn't yellowed, which alas can't be said for the Rareplanes FJ-4 (it is otherwise the best of the three, albeit a vacuform).


Aeroclub produced an FJ-4 canopy and separately white-metal landing gear. I don't know if either is still available and haven't tried to build a kit with them.

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That's a real little stunner Martin, love the paint scheme!


Mine has been lurking somewhere near the top of the to-do pile for a while now, so I appreciate the heads up on the undercarriage issues.


Cracking Fury!



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Ditto what they all said! A real bow-wow of a kit, but you have done an outstanding job and I love the choice of scheme! Maybe Meng Models or Sword will get around to this one as well as  an FJ-2/3 , as I don't hold much hope that Special Hobby will ever come out with the one they have listed for a few years, now!

After seeing yours, I just put my Emhar kit  farther back on my shelf!


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