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P-51D Mustang Aces


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For a while I had the Tamiya 1/72 P-51D in my stash. It comes with markings for aircraft flown by Chuck Yeager (Glamorous Glennis III),Clarence Andersons (Old Crow which had white wall tyres) and John landers (Big Beautiful Doll).


I bought two Airfix 1/72 P-51Ds and will use the three kits so I can build the aircraft of these famous aces.


Yeagers & Landers aircraft will be built undercarriage up ( which I generally do) and Old Crow with gear down to show of those white wall tyres. As the airfix kits come with a flaps down and with tyres showing the effect of weight on them this has meant using the Airfix Kit for Old Crow and the tamiya for Big Beautiful Doll ( the  Tamiya kit does not allow a wheels up option out of the box) .

The kits are being built out of the box with no after market add ons and with canopy closed but with fully painted pilots from the two airfix kits and an old airfix WW2 pilot I had to hand.


I will put pictures up soon as I have finished the build but want to show progress of the painting, I have also some comments on the comparrisosn of these two kits which are very similar in layout but with subtle and significant difference when it comes to building them

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So far on the builds I have these observations


Both Tamiya and airfix kits are very very similar however the canopy on the airfix kits are a little too thick which makes the fit of the forward windscreen difficult ( i had to fill around the bottom the front windscreen)

The Tamiya kits canopy was a faultless fit.

The dihedral on the Tamiya was again faultless, Its been said before it just fell together. The fuselage wing join on the airfix kit was so tight that the there was no dihedral at all making the mustang just look wrong. This was fixed with careful sanding  of the wing roots and fuselage sides to allow the wings to join the fuselage with the correct dihedral.


Using maskol on the canopies next up a coat of primer then on to painting proper 


Airfix 1/72 P51d Chuck YeagerAirfix 1/72 P51d Larence AndersonAirfix 1/72 P51d John Landers


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