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Calling all Boulton Paul Defiant aficionados

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any decent reference imagery/schematics to the Boultan Paul's Merlin XX engine? I was thinking if there are any decent plans I'll try model it in Autodesk with the intention of 3D printing it. Could be interesting... 

Failing that, I was thinking about picking up CMK's 1/72 resin Merlin XX up and kit bashing an engine mount and plumbing together. Would this be correct in a BPD? (In particular a MK 1) 

What do you's think? 


The engine in question.... 


I'll record whatever I do and upload it to MURRODELS where you can also see a couple other videos I finished. Theres a bunch more on the way!

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16 hours ago, gingerbob said:

The Merlin XX (Defiant II) has a different supercharger housing, which is a bit longer than that of the Merlin III in the Defiant I.

I did some more research and had a gander on eBay, CMK also produce a resin Merlin 2 for the hurricane. I'm sure I'll be able to get that work. Thanks for your help!

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If you are looking for images of the two engines for comparison, The Merlin in perspective - the combat years by Alec Harvey Bailey and British piston aero-engines and their aircraft by Alec Lumsden have profile photographs, and the latter has cutaway drawings in it as well of both the Merlin III and XX.

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Hey! Thanks for the replies guys. I've seen that picture of those guys working on that BPD. Its pretty decent but I think I'd struggle to pull any kind of measurements from it with any level of accuracy. I was thinking about trying to scratch one entirely but I'm not sure I have the sanity for that. I did see a Merlin II that might be applicable...
Think I might go with this guy, thoughts? 


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