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swift and excellent service


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Once again, I have to congratulate Creative Models Ltd on their swift and excellent service.

Yesterday I used up some Christmas gift cards and ordered four Eduard Photo Etch sets from said company through Amazon. The sets were for a Tamiya StuG IV, and a Tamiya Tiger I, both of which are currently residing in my stash. When I ordered them I did not realise that Creative Models Ltd were the stockists until I went to the 'checkout'. I was very happy to see this as I've had very good service from them in the past.


The Amazon site though, said that three sets would be sent in one package, and the fourth separately. Given the size of the items, I thought this a bit silly. The site also said that the items could be delivered 'as early as 23rd Jan.'


So, I was very pleased and surprised to receive all four sets in the one package at midday today.

Well done Creative Models.

Yours sincerely,


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