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1/72 MIG-29C Fulcrum, Ukraine AF, Trumpeter+Ed+Aires+Foxbot+Armory


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bloody hell! (not my first words but this is a family friendly forum) - you have my full respect. That's awesome! Well done on achieving a fantastic finish on a very complex and time consuming scheme

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22 minutes ago, NickR said:

Wow! That's impressive, you must have the patience of a saint with that camo and, what appears to be, at least a million stencils!

:D Not all so tragic, man. I used ready-made vinyl stencil from Foxbot.

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45 minutes ago, Tony Oliver said:

Also cool that the 'three prong' symbol of the national crest(?) is repeated with the camo on the back between the fins :) 


Yes, this is a unique board with a trident on his back. Trident - a coat of arms of Ukraine, symbolizing (also other simbols) the falcon in attack.

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Beautiful work indeed! Wow. 


Working on on this kit myself just now and the surface detail is very finely replicated. Going for a Russian or Polish example I think.





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