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little conversion: Nakajima J1N1-S Irving/ Gekko early Version mit FD-1/ H6 Radar (Tamiya)

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In the moment I do think about the fuselage aerial. I must modifiy this part. I t is not correct in the monent, but I have a fine idea .... :pilot:



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selfmade airbrush Japanese hinomaru. No decals in use.






Underside Hinomaru



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Sorry of my long delay. The reason is very important for me. I started a new life section. I have a new girlfriend, new obligations. So my kit modelling was only a second party.

Well, I have make some new steps in my life and also to on my model - please lock and I make no more words












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Merci for your understand of my new life situation. :yes:













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In the moment I#m allone at home. My girlfirnd is on visit in Poland t a Golf Event and so I have more time for my model kit. Since two days I work hard for next steps and I see the end of my working on horizont.

Also too I have make a airfild area within 45 minutes. Some more time I will invest in this part next days.



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The last three kit parts can you see here, in the moment only the markings are not ready, also too the little parts in front of the model and the wing antenna wire. Then - thats all. I hope I havn't forgotten a important detail?




Yes, the ground is not ready in the moment ...well- I have many times to the next kit event in berlin - 4. - 5. September 2017 ... :-)





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