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Cheep light box/tent on eaby

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Ok so Im never going to spend load of cash on a fancy camera, my little praktica Lumix TZ???? will do and cannot be bothered building I light box, so what do you think to these only £25. But I want to have some sort of record of my finished build that are not taken on the kitcehn table or on the wall out side, so will this help at all do you think?





Cheers for your help.



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Seem to be a pretty good offer. Especially as they include some lights.

50cm could do most of your needs, but 50cm on paper is a lot smaller than in reality, make sure you have somewhere to put it up, maybe permanately as if its awkward to find space you'll tend not to use it.

I use the fabric pop-up types and they can be a bane sometimes - too flexible on the bottom.

I have a 30cm for WIP photos or small finished models, a 45cm one for main finished photos and a larger one which very rarely comes out.


Do a really good search and get the lowest price you can on them.

And make sure your camera can take photos using the set up before you buy.


Definitely worth getting these or something like them if you want to move your finished-model photos into another realm.


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make a tent like structure (lampshade above table for example)

put model underneath

get some lights or put tent near large window

set camera colour balance right (if using tungsten lights...)

set camera to aperture (start at f8 and go up from there to see what depth of field you like)

use tripod

turn off camera flash

practice practice practice


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If you want a larger cheap one... you could build your own.


I recently took a large cardboard box, cut out the sides and recovered them with tracing paper... then i used a few cheap desk lamps i had.

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