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Hyder H

Need help with MIG-29 painting

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hello everyone,

as you can see in the images below i'm trying to paint a mig-29K, however i have encountered difficulty while trying to add panel line wash. i used enamel oil paint for the job, but while trying to clean it off, the paint mark is still present. 



i'm not sure how to fix this problem properly in the best way possible. 

can anybody give me a suggestion on what i can do to resolve this painting issue?

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Need more info really mate but...


Looks like one of at least three things,


1 - wash on a matt surface (needs to be gloss ideally)


2 - left it too long to dry before attempting removal. (No more than an hour)


3 - planes base paint is enamel so now wash has become part of it. (Never a good idea unless you seal enamel paint with an acrylic varnish, preferably gloss, before applying the enamel/oil wash. See point 1.) 


Removal All depends on what the base paint is. 


Use a brush dampened with some white spirit/turps to try and shift it. 

How ever if you used enamel to paint the plane then thats not a good idea cause you're likely to take it all off. 


Might have to get the airbrush out and respray along the panel lines. 


Or use a large hammer/boot heel and start again. 

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So, let me get this right. Spray primer - what sort/make?

Overpainted with a matt finish Humbrol acrylic.

Wash with an enamel oil.


Have you got another/alternative/aftermarket decal sheet?

In essence the acrylic matt has absorbed the oil based enamel.


If it was mine, I would strip it and start again.

1/ Prime.

2/ Colour coat with your acrylic again.

3/ Gloss varnish/Clear acrylic the airframe before applying decals - they adhere better to a gloss and there is less 'silvering' under the decal film.

4/ Seal your decals with gloss varnish/Clear acrylic.

5/ Wash with oils or pastels - NOT enamels.

6/ Wipe off excess.

7/ Assuming you want a matt finish, mask the canopy and spray with matt varnish.


This should hold good for your models in future. If you need a gloss finish, omit step 7.



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Do you know where I can get trumpeter Mig-29K decals?  Either Im gonna get the proper decals, or I'm gonna have to paint this in a fictional scheme.   

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Moved. Site help and support is for funnily enough BM website issues....

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Not sure I understand fully...is the overall color acrylic based, or enamel based?


Reading your posts one way I'm inclined to believe you painted the model overall primer, then added just the color bits using Humbrol acrylic.

If this is the case, then I agree with the recommendation above: get another set of decals and try again.  This time put a sealing gloss coat that is different than your wash over the color.


Reading another way, you primed, then painted it over all using Humbrol acrylics.

If this is the case, then you should be able to take a cotton bud dipped in thinner (for the enamels) and carefully rub the area until most of the paint comes up.


Alternatively, you could find a decent match to the grays, and then try dry-brushing the seams until you "hide" the wash in a way that is pleasing to your eye.


I'd try the latter -- nothing to lose at this point -- and if it doesn't come out well then try the "new decals and start over" option.




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